Buccellati Tahiti Picnic Basket

This past week saw an enthusiastic and monumental turnout for Salone in Milan. While many major exhibits, installations and new products were unveiled during Milan Design Week, one of the luxurious new presentations came from the esteemed house Buccellati. Collaborating with celebrated designer Patricia Urquiola, the Maison revealed the new Tahiti Picnic Basket.

Buccellati Picnic Basket via Quintessence


Continuing the Tahiti legacy, conceived in the 1960s, celebrating the chic combination bamboo and silver, the picnic basket interprets it with an informal conviviality ideal for splendid outdoor gatherings. “We have invited Patricia Urquiola to design a particular accessory that would enrich the elegance of our Tahiti collection with a unique freshness” states Andrea Buccellati, Creative Director of the Maison,“The decision to focus the collaboration on a picnic basket, symbol par excellence of conviviality and relaxation, turned out to be the ideal opportunity to portray moments of informal refinement.”

Buccellati Picnic Basket collaboration with  Patricia Urquiola via Quintessence

“I like it when projects develop organically, giving birth to new ideas and inspirations, and that is exactly what happened with Buccellati. It all started by working together on the installation during Design Week 2022, and it evolved into a project for new Picnic Baskets that expand the Tahiti collection. Tahiti is an iconic collection by Buccellati that brings the natural world to the table. From bamboo meeting silver, the idea of reinterpreting the classic picnic basket in a playful manner emerged, with nods to traditional Asian baskets” states Patricia Urquiola.

Buccellati Tahiti picnic basket via Quintessence


Crafted with the highest level of artisanal mastery typical of the Maison Buccellati, They feature an interweaving of leather with an interior of wood covered in a soft suede fabric. The silverware included in the set belongs to the Buccellati Tahiti collection, while the porcelain items are part of the collection created in collaboration with Ginori 1975.

Buccellati Tahiti collection

The new ‘Tahiti Picnic’ collection includes:—a picnic set for four, consisting of 4 plates, 4 fruit plates, 4 forks, 4 knives, 4 dessert forks, 4 spoons, 4 Murano collection glasses, 4 flutes, 1 bottle opener, 1 corkscrew, 1 salt and pepper set, 4 napkin holders, 4 napkins, and a thermal bag;—a picnic set for two, consisting of 2 plates, 2 fruit plates, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 dessert forks, 2 spoons, 2 Murano collection glasses, 2 flutes, 1 bottle opener, 1 corkscrew, 1 salt and pepper set, 2 napkin holders, 2 napkins, and a thermal bag;—a coffee picnic set, consisting of 2 cups and saucers, 2 teaspoons, 1 thermos, and 1 flask;—a tea picnic set, consisting of 2 tea cups and saucers, 2 teaspoons, and 1 thermos;—a Champagne picnic set, consisting of 1 cooler and 2 flutes.

Buccellati Tahiti dinnerware with Ginori




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