Rigal Jewelry by Hayley Sarno

Artist Hayley Sarno exudes creativity from every pore with a quiet elegance and charm. Her style is as fresh as it is nostalgic, always with a touch of whimsy. Not only an accomplished illustrator, a pursuit she focused on for several years (she created the opening of our Quintessence video series) but Hayley has worked in the jewelry industry over the past 20 years, first as a goldsmith and then as a designer working for notable brands such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch.

Rigal Jewelry by Haley Sarno via Quintessence

For the past four years, she has been assiduously working on her own jewelry collection that has just been birthed. Rigal Jewelry (referencing Hayley’s married name, von Rigal, with a lovely ring) is inspired by Hayley’s lifetime love of Dutch still life paintings, with their evocative depictions of flowers, food, glassware and rare prized items. “The combinations make you look at simple natural forms in a new way,” Hayley explains.

Rigal jewelry fruits and flowers via Quintessence

The collection encompasses five earring styles, each hand crafted and made to order in New York. In 18K gold and enamel, the styles are intended to be mixed and matched, just as they would be in nature. Says the designer, “Each earring is meant to look as if it was plucked from a still life. They have a rare lightness and delicacy achieved through the superb craftsmanship, made to exacting standards in 18k gold.”

Rigal jewelry Mosquito Earrings via Quintessence
Mosquito Earrings

Each pair is either a different color or shape. The asymmetry lends a youthful and modern spirit, while being rooted in classic craftsmanship. The Tree Blossom earrings feature a Hedge Blossom and a Pear Blossom – closely related but charming in their variation.

Hayley Sarno Rigal Jewelry Tree Flower Earrings via Quintessence
Tree Flower Earring

Rigal Jewelry Tree Flower Earrings Side View

The earrings are meticulously hand crafted including the earring backs.

Rigal Jewelry Cherry Earring via Quintessence
Cherry Earring

With a subtle sense of humor, the collection offers a plethora of possibilities in the way it can be worn. The designs are not only beautiful but clever in conception and execution. The mosquito earring post is the proboscis, the cherry french wire is a second cut ‘stem’ and the lemon earring has a rose cut diamond ‘seed.’

Rigal Jewelry Lemon Slice Earring via Quintessence
Lemon Slice Earring

The eminently wearable Clover Earrings, with a lustrous satin finish, feature a subtle variation – one with three leaf and one with four.

Rigal Jewelry Clover Earrings via Quintessence

It’s always a pleasure to feature a younger artist who has such an enthusiastic interest in the past and brings it forward with a chic modern twist. I am thrilled to share Rigal Jewelry as the inspiring continuation of Hayley’s artistic journey. For those interested, the collection is shown by appointment in her studio. Contact studio@rigalnewyork.com for inquiries.


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